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Open Data BCN Stats

More information in the Barcelona's City Council Open Data Catalogue-Open Data BCN.

Data volume

502 Datasets

2052 Historic series

3021 Resources

Quality level according to Tim Berners-Lee

99.6% datasets >= 3

36 Formats

Datasets by theme

Dataset activity

Datasets' publishing evolution

Resource activity:

Most downloaded (last 15 days):

Total downloads (since 23/02/2017): 3.093.227

Monthly portal activity

Data belongs to the last 30 days. More information on the Analytics documentation.

Sessions Unique pages Viewed Pages % New sessions Bounce Rate
12.317 46.773 64.451 60,08% 38,09%

Total (since 23/02/2017):

Sessions: 468.424
Unique pages : 1.777.083
Seen pages: 2.429.060


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