Detail of the subsidies granted by Barcelona City Council (except for the subsidies managed by Barcelona Activa), the Barcelona Institute of Culture, the Barcelona Sports Municipal Institute, the Municipal Education Institute, the Municipal Markets Institute , the Municipal Institute for People with Disabilities, the Municipal Institute of Social Services, the Municipal Institute of Urban Landscape and Quality of Life and the Municipal Institute of Finance, for which payments have been made year 2019 and following.

To see the subsidies granted by Barcelona City Council (subsidies managed by Barcelona Activa), the Municipal Institute of Parks and Gardens, the Municipal Institute of Housing and Rehabilitation, the Municipal Institute of Urbanism and the Foundation Mies van der Röhe, as well as those awarded by consortia, foundations and associations linked to the City Council, you can consult: List of grants awarded by participating entities of Barcelona City Council.

To see the grants awarded by Barcelona City Council and its dependent entities until 2018, you can consult: List of grants and transfers from Barcelona City Council, until 2018.

Dataset: Subsidies granted by the Barcelona City Council

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