• Local businesses in Spain

    The Local businesses in Spain website reuses the open datasets on businesses published on the portals of different city councils in Spain and, using the Google Maps mapping service, positions them allowing the 'Directions' functionality to be able to navigate to them.

    In the case of the city of Barcelona, 61,335 businesses are indexed and positioned in the dataset Census of economic activities on the ground floor of the city of Barcelona of the Open Data BCN portal, which are related to the closest of the same category or to the 30 closest even though the categories are not coincident.

    In this video you can see in detail how the application works.

    The application has, on 05/12/2021, the data for the cities of Barcelona, Getxo (Bizkaia), Santander and Zaragoza and it is working with the data for the city of Madrid.

    Font: Open Data BCN

  • Barcelona Metro Bus Rodalies Bici. All the necessary information in real time and on a single App!

    "Barcelona Metro Bus Rodalies Bici" is an App with the will to integrate the means of public transport in the city of Barcelona.

    The demand for the use of combined transport is a constant in the life of large cities, especially those with a cosmopolitan and tourist population, which requires regular but complex movements, combined, as well as an improvement in the precision of their usage to avoid waste of time and to avoid crowds.

    "Barcelona Metro Bus Rodalies Bici" aims to solve journey planning as well as improving the use of public transport, both in terms of time cost and ecological impact. Provide the user with a simple tool that allows them to plan and know in advance the real transport waiting times, as well as solve a specific problem of displacement due to possible ignorance of the city or area where they are situated.

    The datasets from Open Data BCN used are those related to the Bicing service, bus stations and parking.

    Source: Open Data BCN

  • cleanSpot App: easily locate specialized containers!

    The application for mobile devices CleanSpot allows you to easily locate specialized containers (clean spots) of various cities, including Barcelona, where you can deposit unconventional waste such as batteries, electrical appliances, light bulbs, used oil, clothes and shoes, toys, books and school supplies, coffee capsules, etc.

    The dataset used from Open Data BCN is Green points in the city of Barcelona.

    Source: Open Data BCN

  • Arbres de Barcelona: Geolocalization of the nearer trees

    The app Arbres de Barcelona, made by Pere Orga, brings the trees from the city of Barcelona to the citizen and helps identify them. From the localization of the device from which the app is used, it shows the species of trees that are nearer. It displays the common name of the tree in different languages and the scientific name, as well as a picture linked to the Wikimedia Commons to facilitate the tree’s identification.

    It is targeted mostly for mobile devices, such as smartphones or tablets, which have a GPs localization system. Aside from data from the Open Data BCN portal catalogue, data from Wikidata has also been used.

    The datasets from Open Data BCN portal used in the app are:

    Source: Open Data BCN

  • We go to school, schools in Barcelona

    It is the application that aims to facilitate the families of Barcelona the task of seeking school, offering a representation on a map of the educational offer existing in the city from Kindergarten to Baccalaureate, and showing what are those that are at 10 or 15 Minutes from your home walking. You must have the location of the browser activated to make use of it.

    The application has been made by lovelymaps, who work mainly with geographic data, analyzing and representing them.

    The datasets of Open Data BCN used are:

    Source: Open Data BCN

  • The state of the traffic now, with TransitBCN

    lovelymaps offers once again an application: TransitBCN, where the state of the traffic with a frequence of update every 5 minutes can be consulted. From the open data obtained from Open Data BCN, the application, in web and mobile format, allows the user to quickly acknowledge the state of the traffic in the main streets of the city.

    The datasets from Open Data BCN used are:

    Source: Open Data BCN