The Survey on Municipal Services, also available through an Interactive Display, is a face-to-face quantitative study, made on an annual basis, and with a universe of Barcelona residents of 18 years and over. This study collects the perception of citizens about their city and its neighbourhood (degree of satisfaction, problems and demands, evolution, etc.) and their opinion with regards to municipal management.

It is a two aspects survey that confers an enormous analytical potential. In the first place, its long history allows a solid evolutionary analysis and, secondly, sample size enables territorial analysis, not only at district level but also grouping different neighbourhoods together, as well as results disaggregation by the main sociodemographic variables. To these two analysis levels we add a third one: the comparative analysis, since the main indicators provided for Barcelona are presented in comparison of, Catalonia and Spain.

The questionnaire is structured in three parts: the first one includes questions about the city and the neighbourhood to all interviewees, the second part with specific questions about each of the ten municipal districts, which have been asked to those interviewed residents living in the specific district referred to and the third one that picks up the profile of all the interviewees. This dataset provides global city data, since 1989, without including the specific district questions. The data is provided in a single file, structured according to the latest edition of the survey.

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Dataset: Survey on Municipal Services of Barcelona's City - Evolution

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