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Other related initiatives

In this section you can find initiatives and communities of interest for the opening and re-use of the data of the city of Barcelona. Among the mentioned portals are other initiatives of external open data, whose licenses or terms of use applied to resources may vary.

Portals of the Ajuntament de Barcelona

Where open information is available:

  • Transparency portal. Portal where information related to the institution, its governance, its budgets and all the information related to the transparency and accountability to the citizenship are presented.

  • Open Repository of Knowledge. It is the institutional open access repository of digital documents destined for public dissemination produced by the Barcelona City Council. It also includes the digitized collections of historical documentation of the Servei de Documentació i Accés al Coneixement and other municipal libraries.

  • Department of Statistics. Through this portal, the municipal statistical department publishes data and reports with socio-economic statistics and tools for its understanding and visualization.

  • CartoBCN. It is the mapping download service of the Barcelona city hall, which is part of the Department of Basic Information and Cartography, being the cartographic production center of the Barcelona City Council.

  • GeoPortal BCN. This site includes the web services of the spatial data infrastructure of the Barcelona City Council, which allow to have the official municipal territorial information through the web using the standards of the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC).

  • Electronic Headquarters. This site includes information on the provision of electronic services of the Barcelona City Council. Among the present information is the Municipal Gazette or the Employer's Profile.

Other Open Data Portals

Not dependent on the Barcelona City Council, which includes information on the different territorial levels (local, regional, national and supranational) and general themes (generalistic open data portals) or specific.

Open Communities and Use Cases

  • W3C Open Data Spain Community Group. Community and open working group with technical focus that brings together the different initiatives and experts in data openness in Spain.

  • Open Data Use Cases (in English) at European level expressed in hundreds of summary records about the projects studied.