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Portal Features

Functional Features

The new Open Data BCN Portal is presented as a multi-language space (Catalan, Spanish and English) easily accessible for all its users and visitors.

The Home page is structured in 5 sections:

  • Main bar: from where you can access all the Portal information from 3 concepts: About this site, Dataset Catalogue and Present.
  • Images: the city and its grid, people as the main element and technology, are the concepts that are wanted to reflect and with which the users are welcomed.
  • Searches: they help locate the datasets, by word and also from the topics/subtopics in which they are classified.
  • Present: where you can find the news, interviews, visualizations making a story with everything that is evolving the portal with information closely related to open data.
  • And finally, the space where the citizen can establish direct communication, registering, consulting or communicating incidents and participating or monitoring social networks.

The Dataset Catalogue is the main part of this Open Data BCN Portal, where users can find all the information that Barcelona City Council puts at their disposal in reusable format.

In it, the information is classified in 5 major Themes: Administration, Population, Territory, Economy and Business and Urban environment which hace different Subopics allowing the filtering.

It can also be filtered by Tags (keywords), Formats, Licenses and Update frequency.

Datasets are sorted by creation date, last modification and popularity.

In the catalog start screen you can see the title, the description, the available formats and the update frequency.

The catalog API is also accesible form this page.

Once the dataset is selected it is showed all the complete information of it, this historical series in case you have them and all the available actions on the dataset: Download and preview.

The preview action, when available and whenever possible, will allow you to view the information in tables, charts or on a map.

It also enables the functionality to embed the information displayed on the screen in reports, as well as the ability to share on social networks.

Technical Features

The Ajuntament de Barcelona Open Data Portal has been developed with a mixed installation of Drupal and CKAN on Ubuntu. The installed version of Drupal is 7.52 (with php 5.6) and the version of CKAN is 2.6.0, latest stable versions available in open source at the time of its creation.

The Dataset Catalog section is the one that uses the CKAN software, which has been developed by the Open Knowledge Foundation . The next CKAN extensions have been installed:

  • dcat: Provides add-ins that allow CKAN to expose and consume metadata from other catalogs using RDF serialized documents through DCAT(Data Catalog Vocabulary).
  • qa: This extension analyzes the resources of each of the CKAN datasets and gives them an "openness score" based on Tim Berners-Lee's five stars of opennes.
  • fluent:This extension provides a way to store and return multi-language fields in CKAN datasets, resources, and organizations.
  • hierarchy:Functionality for creating a hierarchy of organizations.
  • officedocs: Functionality for previewing Microsoft Office documents.
  • pdfview: Functionality for previewing pdfs.
  • report: Functionality that provides a reporting infrastructure.
  • scheming: This extension provides a way to configure and share CKAN schemas using a JSOn schema description.
  • geoview: Functionality for previewing geospacing views in CKAN.
  • archiver: Extension that provides the user a cached copy in case of a broken link. It also tells the user is the links is broken.

In addition, the developers of the Portal have created a particular CKAN extension with all the extra features that it incorporates.

The home has been developed in Drupal, installing all extensions necessary for the correct evolution of the Portal, such as Google Analytics Reports, extension to link with Mailchimp and multi-language modules.