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Barcelona Dades Obertes Challenge First edition_2018

Six educational centers took part in the first (and pilot) edition of the Challenge. Participating teaching staff received training in open data, tools for data analysis and graphic resources. Students subsequently applied this knowledge to carry out different projects based on the analysis of the data published on the Open Data BCN website. Students presented their final proposals as infographics.

Award ceremony

The Fàbrica de Creació de Fabra i Coats hosted the awards of the Barcelona Dades Obertes Challenge with more than 300 assistants among young students, teachers and staff from other institutions and entities related to the data.

Students explained their projects at the assembly hall’s stage and also exhibited the infographics in an enabled space where they also answered questions raised by the public and jury.

The ceremony was chaired by the Commissioner for Technology and Digital Innovation, Francesca Bria, with the presence of Màrius Boada i Pla, Director of the Municipal Data Office. The jury comprised of several university teachers and data analysis experts (Meet the jury).

The winner of this edition has been the project presented by the Institut Ferran Tallada, called 'Social cohesion goes through neighborhoods', an analysis based on social cohesion indexes (ICS) to measure and compare the inequalities of the city's districts (Discover the prize).

Discover the projects

The winning project

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Institute Ferran Tallada

  • Project name: La cohesió social va per barris

The other projects

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Institute Vila de Gràcia

  • Project name: Algunes Incidències a Gràcia
  • Course: 2on E.S.O.

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Institute Juan Manuel Zafra

  • Project name:: Punts wifi gratuïts a Barcelona

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Institute Joan Brossa

  • Project name: Accés a l'habitatge a Barcelona
  • Course: CFGM Activitats Comercials

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Institute J. Serrat i Bonastre

  • Project name:: Estudi dels accidents de trànsit a Barcelona

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Institute Josep Comas i Solà

  • Project name:: Punts wifi