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Last Friday, 15th of June, the winning team along with their professors and the rest of their class from the Ferran Tallada InstitutE, enjoyed the prize of the Barcelona Dades Obertes Challenge.

It was about a guided tour with the Media-TIC building, the axis of the economic strategy and innovation in Barcelona, Following a walkthrough through different corporations of the technological sector and a custom workshop of data analysis.

The students and their professors could acknowledge the corporations within the Media-TIC building from the hands of their founders and employees, who gave all kind of details of their activity and intern performance. All the questions and curiosities of the students were satisfied allowing them with an overview of the wide variety and quantity of work profiles that exist within the technological and innovation sector.

Rokubun, a company specialized in the development of navigation systems, Bitphy, the company who created software for the analysis and prediction of the small commerce sales and Dribia, a consultancy specialized in data analysis, were the small format corporations they visited.ThoughtWorks also took part in the tour; a company specialized in software design with over 100 employees from more than 20 countries.

It was also an opportunity to explain the key role of Barcelona Activa in the impulse of the economic policy of the city and its support to the creation and maintenance of the technological incubators for entrepreneurs.

The second part of the activity consisted in a workshop about data analysis, executed by the Dr. Oleguer Sagarra (cofounder of Dribia) with practical examples of projects of data science, which drove them to a reflection about privacity, mobile phones and the responsible use of big volumes of data we generate.

All who took part in this experience deemed it very positive. The professors considered it very stimulating for the alumni because they could be in direct contact with professionals. With their questions the interest could be seen as to how they would orient their academic and professional future in the technological sector. Dribia, in charge of the experience, as well as the other companies, highlighted the active participation of the group.

That was what I was about, introducing them to the world of data, technology and innovation and bringing them closer to the work and knowledge of the companies in the sector.

Open Data is one of the doors to the future, maybe their future.

All the collaborating companies can be found in the social networks:

Dribia: @Dribiacom

Bitphy: @BitPhy

Rokubun: @rokubn

ThoughtWorks: @ThoughtWorksESP