With the codes M 3713011 and M 3746181 respectively, the Barcelona City Council has registered the Open Data BCN name in the Oficina Española de Patentes y Marcas and also the logo that identifies it.

Regarding the name, Open Data BCN, it has been assessed that, with this action, the identification of our service in the different search engines will be unequivocal and this will facilitate access to all interested parties, taking into account that almost 50% of access to the portal come from outside our territory.

As regards to the logo, the intensive use to reference the Open Data BCN service and projects directly related to this like the Barcelona Dades Obertes Challenge or the World Data Viz Challenge Barcelona-Kobe, have made it a very widespread, well-known image and clearly identifying. The Barcelona City Council has considered that it must protect the rights to avoid any improper use by third parties.