The Green City Hackathon, an expert analysis of the network of bicycle lanes in the city of Barcelona

In the framework of the BigSurvey18 conference, the Green City Hackathon brings together about 25 experts from 11 different countries, specialists in data analysis, statistics, researchers and professors among others ... to analyze and make proposals about the bicycle network of the city ​​of Barcelona from the data published in the Open Data BCN Portal.

The participants were made up of 6 teams, who worked the data with digital tools such as R and Phyton throughout the afternoon of 24/10 and mid-morning of 25/10.

The initial questions started from the fact of wanting to know more about how residents use bicycles, who and when they use them, what neighborhood accounts most of the trips by bicycle, where infrastructure is lacking, where the accidents are concentrated or if there are enough stands for bicycles. Finally the exposed works, all of a great level, have shown all this and much more.

The jury, made up of experts from Barcelona City Council and the sector, has proclaimed winner the work done by Team 6 and called: ”Barcelona. Bike use and accident overview”.

Congratulations to the winners and all the participants!

Next we detail the list with the corresponding presentations:

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