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Challenge Barcelona Open Data First edition_2018

Video summary of the event

Award ceremony

The Fàbrica de Creació Fabra i Coats has hosted today, May 3, 2018, the awards of the Barcelona Open Data Challenge with more than 300 assistants among young students, teachers and staff from other institutions and entities related to the data.

This event has been the closing act of the first edition of this educational project that, as a pilot project and for the first time, aims to promote the knowledge and use of the open data published in the Open Data BCN portal in the educational centers of the city.

The ceremony was chaired by the Commissioner for Technology and Digital Innovation, Francesca Bria, with the presence of Màrius Boada i Pla, Director of the Municipal Data Office.

In the assembly hall of the Fàbrica de Creació Fabra i Coats, a space has been enabled where the students have exhibited the infographics of the works that they introduced and they have taken care of the questions raised by the public.

The act was led by the scientific scientist Dani Jiménez, accompanied by the "data hunters", in a very entertaining and participating way.

The most important moment, the introduction and defense of the projects by the students in front of the hearing and the jury, has been surpassed by the students shiningly and with some nervousness.

Foto grup participants
Foto premiats

And while the assistants enjoyed an Arsgames demonstration that presented “Juegos del Común“, the jury deliberated to finish evaluating the presentations and adjusting the final evaluations that, as its spokesman said, it has not been easy given the quality and focus of all jobs.

The winner of this edition has been the project presented by the Institut Ferran Tallada, called 'Social cohesion goes through neighborhoods', an analysis based on social cohesion indexes (ICS) to measure and compare the inequalities of the city's districts.

Following the defense of the work carried out by the teams, the Challenge Prize was awarded, which consists of a ‘'Guided tour of the Media-TIC building, the center of the economic strategy of Barcelona and a personalized data analysis workshop of experts in this field' for the whole class of the winning team, as well as a trophy commemorating the center, teachers and representatives of the project. There has also been a 'Special mention' to the Joan Brossa Institute, which has participated in Phase I of the project and a trophy as a reminder of its participation to all other participants.

Commissioner, Francesca Bria, has closed the ceremony thanking the participation of students, teachers and institutions involved, announcing that, at this moment, the Barcelona Open Data Challenge Second edition_2019 begins.

Congratulations to the winning center and to all the other participants!

The winner project

Center logo

Institut Ferran Tallada

  • Project name: La cohesió social va per barris
  • Course: 4art E.S.O

The other projects presented

Center logo

Institut Vila de Gràcia

  • Project name: Algunes Incidències a Gràcia
  • Course: 2on E.S.O.

Center logo

Institut Juan Manuel Zafra

  • Project name: Punts wifi gratuïts a Barcelona
  • Course: 3er E.S.O.

Center logo

Institut Joan Brossa

  • Project name: Accés a l'habitatge a Barcelona
  • Course: CFGM Activitats Comercials

Center logo

Institut J. Serrat i Bonastre

  • Project name: Estudi dels accidents de trànsit a Barcelona

Center logo

Institut Josep Comas i Solà

  • Project name: Punts wifi
  • Course: 4art E.S.O