We publish on the Open Data BCN portal and in a reusable format the data from the Environmental Data Maps of the city of Barcelona which provides a set of detailed information on the environmental quality of the city.

The maps referring to Air quality, carried out in conjunction with the Barcelona Public Health Agency (ASPB), allow us to know and evaluate globally, at street level, the presence of the different pollutants with the highest incidence in the city of Barcelona, ​​such as NO2 and PM10. The data referring to the Acoustic quality, and that makes up the Strategic Noise Map (MES), is used to assess the global exposure of the population to noise produced by different sources in a given area. It includes noise map data, noise capacity, and exposed population statistics.

The publication of this data in a reusable format and in a graphic and interactive way aims to provide citizens with the maximum information on the environmental quality of the city while helping to raise awareness and improve it.