List of management assignments of the City of Barcelona and list of transfers of the City towards municipal entities, or between municipal entities.
Management assignments (or management commissions) are a mechanism that allows the administration to commission activities of its competence to other public organisms or entities. Used when the administration making the commission considers that it does not have the technical means to carry out the activities subject to the comission.
Transfers, from the City towards a municipal entity, or between entities, can have a direct link to a specific activity of the beneficiary or done to collaborate in its general operation. These transfers do not have direct impact in the consolidated budget of the City Council, since they are done between entities that belong to the municipal group.
The update freqüency of the data is susceptible to a delay due to the operations of gathering and debugging of the data.

Dataset: List of management assignments of the City of Barcelona and its subsidiary organisations and list of transfers between entities of the group.


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