List of grants and transfers of the City of Barcelona and its subsidiary organisations.
Transfers, from the City or from one of its municipal entities towards a public organisation which is not part of the Municipal Group, can have a direct link to a specific activity of the beneficiary or done to collaborate in its general operation or because of the participation of the City in the recipient.
Grants are awarded to promote a specific activity of utility or social interest, or to promote the achievement of certain public goal. The beneficiary is obliged to perform the activity subsidised and to justify its completion.
Grants may be awarded:
- Through calls for grants and subsidies, in which case the bases are published and lay down the conditions and requirements, and the grants and subsidies are awarded in a competitive manner.
- Directly to a private organisation, either to carry out a specific activity or project that the Council considers of public interest, or to collaborate in its general operation, or because of the participation of the City council in the recipient organisation;
- Through an agreement that has an economic realization in the form of grants to the signatory organizations, and where the conditions for development of the subsidized activity are set;
- Linked to a concession, which is a method of indirect management of public services in which the administration entrusts to a concessionaire the management and operation of the service; when necessary to maintain the financial balance of the concession, the concession may include a subsidy.
The update freqüency of the data is susceptible to a delay due to the operations of gathering and debugging of the data.

Dataset: List of grants and transfers of the City of Barcelona


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