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Infographics workshop

Once again, in the CESIRE headquarters, Thursday 15th of February de 2018, the teachers of the Barcelona Dades Obertes Challenge have attended the last workshop of the challenge. In this case, it was about making infographics: concepts, basic programs and its application with real cases. This topics have been widely explained by the professor Jordi Català, referent and pioneer in this type of multidisciplinary activities that, through analysis and reflection, translate and explicit any information in images, even the more complex.
The teachers have achieved throughout the 3 formative sessions the necessary knowledge and abilities to be able to work with open data. Now is time to transfer that knowledge and abilities to the alumni and apply them to the projects.
From here, we want to thank their efforts, dedication and interest and wish them all good work and lots of luck!

Statistics and data analysis workshop

This Wednesday 17th of January 2018, in the CESIRE’s headquarters, a statistics and data analysis workshop has been held, aiming to endow the professors participating in the Barcelona Dades Obertes Challenge with the necessary tools to work on the projects with their alumni. These drafts, which will be presented in the challenge, will study different aspects of the city through the analysis of the data published in the Open Data BCN portal.

Delivery and definition of the projects

Last 15th of December 2017 the project proposals with which the participating centres will work on in the Phase I were delivered by them. The organizing committee of the Challenge held a meeting 3 days later in the CESIRE headquarters to analyse the viability of the proposals. This committee proposed other project ideas to be assigned to the centres participating in Phase II.

During the first two weeks of January, all the participating professors will have a project assigned so they can start to work with their alumni.

Presentation and initial workshop

On Wednesday 15 of November 2017 was held in the CESIRE’s headquarters the presentation and initial workshop with the assistance of around twenty professors of the participating centres.

The session opened with a welcome from all the organizing entities, presentándose el portal Open Data BCN, the information of which will be used to foment the use of open data in the centres.

The initial workshop was done in two parts: the first consisted in education about the design and creation of polls and the second, a group dynamic to generate proposals.

The first registered educative centres in the Barcelona Dades Obertes Challenge can be consulted

The first educative centres have already accepted the Barcelona Dades Obertes Challenge! They can be found here.

El alumnado de estos centros estudiará su entorno y hará uso de los datos del portal Open Data BCN para proponer acciones de mejora, que presentaran en el acto final del reto, donde serán evaluadas por expertos del Ajuntament de Barcelona y otras instituciones.

The Barcelona Dades Obertes Challenge starts

The Barcelona Dades Obertes Challenge is a test project from the Ajuntament de Barcelona, thought to promote the use of the open data available in the Open Data BCN portal through a contest.

It aims for the 3rd and 4th courses of ESO from the public centres in the city of Barcelona through the teachers and sums up to the learning based in projects.

The contest includes teacher’s formation and a final public act with the presentation of each project.

This test project aims to situate Barcelona as a leader in the introduction of the knowledge of open data in the educational scope.