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Barcelona Dades Obertes Challenge Second edition 2019

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We foster open data usage in the city’s schools

Registration: until 1/10/2018

After the success of the Barcelona Dades Obertes First edition 2018, Barcelona’s city council summons the Second edition 2019..

The Barcelona Dades Obertes Challenge is a contest launched by Barcelona’s city council to promote the use of the open data published in the Open Data BCN website.

This is a project-based learning initiative aimed at students from the city’s schools who are preferably in the 3rd and 4th grades of ESO and from formative cycles. Participation will take place under the supervision of the students' teaching staff.

This project aims to position Barcelona as a pioneering city in the introduction of open data knowledge in the field of education.

repte bcn

What’s the Challenge about?

Using the open data available in theOpen Data BCN website, the students, supervised by their professors and preferably using open source programs, will work in analysis projects and/or interpretation of the different aspects of our city and the activity of its inhabitants. The 10 finalists will be defended by the students in front of a jury who will make an assessment and will reward the best three.

Who can take part in the Challenge?

Educative centres of the city of Barcelona, prioritizing public schools. The target is specifically, student from the 3rd and 4th grades of ESO and students from formative cycles, through their professors without restrictions by subject taugh.

Every centre will participate only with on project that it will present.

For more information, the competition rules can be consulted


  • Fostering open data usage.
  • Using data analysis tools preferably open source.
  • Elaborating proposals based on data analysis.
  • Communicating the proposals through audiovisual resources.
  • Developing critical thought regarding data usage in a digital environment.


  • Inscription: In the section ‘Inscriptions’ of this same webpage.

    Starting date: The morning after the announcement in the Butlletí Oficial de la Província de Barcelona

    Limit date: 1/10/2018

  • Delivery of the projects (1 per centre): In the section that will be enabled in the right moment in this same web page.

    Starting date: 4/3/2019

    Limit date: 25/3/2019

  • Publishing of the list of finalists (max 10).

    Limit date: 5/4/2019

  • Public act for project presentations by the finalists and award delivery.

    Date: 30/4/2019


Work with data in the classroom

Open data is a very valuable educational resource that allows working in the classroom with real data from the city. Through an analysis applied to different aspects, the students will be able to get to know the city, both in terms of resources and in operation, and even to propose improvement actions.

Through teamwork, the Challenge will not only enhance the ability of students in data processing, enabling them to draw conclusions derived from their analysis, but also serve to foster their critical spirit and public awareness.

The students will be able to work different aspects of the city and their daily activity, performing different types of analysis: demographic, economic, urban, mobility, accident, etc. Since much of this information is geolocated, you can easily represent it on a map of the city.

Discover the projects carried out by the students that participated in the first edition of the Challenge

To facilitate the integration of working with open data in the classrooms, the City Council of Barcelona offers teachers the possibility of participating in a specific Training Plan about open data, which includes training on the Open Data BCN portal and the tools for its treatment.

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The conditions to access are the availability of places and the effective participation in the contest Barcelona Dades Obertes Second edition 2019.

More information to: Unified call for programs of the Consorci d'Educació de Barcelona

What’s Open Data?

Open data or Public Sector Information Openness is a movement driven by public administrations with the following objectives:

  • maximizing available public resources,
  • publishing the information generated by public bodies,
  • allowing access to this information and using it for the common good and for the benefit of any interested persons or organizations.

To achieve these goals, data must be published in open, standard, and interoperable formats.

What’s Open Data BCN?

Open Data BCN is the main Barcelona City Council’s website that hosts the aforementioned public data. The Open Data BCN portal is a service for citizens, and it is part of the municipal roadmap towards technological sovereignty called Barcelona Digital City Plan.

The information published in the portal is grouped into 5 main topics:

  • Administration
  • Territory
  • Population
  • Economy and Business
  • City and Services

As of July 2018, the portal includes more than 400 datasets.

Ajuntament de Barcelona’s open data catalogue – Open Data BCN

You can make a first approach to the open data and the Open Data BCN portal with this simple interactive.

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Barcelona Dades Obertes Challenge is organized by:

Ajuntament de Barcelona

With the collaboration of:

  • Consorci d'Educació de Barcelona
  • Barcelona Activa S.A.
  • Centro de Recursos Pedagógicos Específicos de Soporte a la Innovación y la Recerca Educativa (CESIRE)


To make a registration, the following are necessary:

Date limit: 1/10/2018



The participating members will be able to communicate with the organisation thorught the next form.