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Barcelona Open Data Challenge
First edition_2018

Next Thursday, May 3rd, the final presentation act of the works and the awards ceremony of the Barcelona Open Data Challenge will be held at the Fabra i Coats Creation Factory in Barcelona.

More than 200 students from the 6 centers that have participated in this pilot project will attend this act, accompanied by the teachers who have supervised them.

The event, chaired by a municipal authority, will be held in the auditorium which will have a reserved space to expose the infographics of the project that will be presented by each center. Throughout the session, the students responsible for their accomplishment will have 5 minutes to defend the work in front of their classmates, the rest of participants and assistants and the jury , composed by different university professors and well-known experts in data analysis.


Fàbrica de Creació Fabra i Coats

Carrer de Sant Adrià, 20
08030 Barcelona

repte bcn acte final


  • 09:00Opening doors, accreditation and welcome
  • 09:25Presentation by Francesca Bria, Chief Technology and Digital Innovation Officer Barcelona
  • 09:35Students' exhibition of 3 of the projects
  • 10:05Break. Breakfast in charge of the organization
  • 10:35Students' exhibition of the remaining 3 projects
  • 11:05Activity: Arsgames. Juegos del Común.
  • 11:30Award ceremony by Ilmo. Sr.Gerardo Pisarello, First Deputy Mayor Barcelona City Council. Announcement of the Barcelona Dades Obertes Challenge Second edition_2019. Final photography and farewell.

repte bcn acte final

The Barcelona Open Data Challenge aims to promote the use of open data in the city's educational centers, encouraging the analytical and critical vision of students and also empowering them with new technological tools.

This pilot aims to place Barcelona as a leader in the introduction of knowledge of open data in the educational field.

The objective of this act tis that schools can share the projects and the methodology used for their development. The students have analyzed their environment with the information available on the Open Data BCN portal and have proposed improvement actions that they will defend. Now is the time to recognize the work and effort of all participants, both students and teachers.

After presenting the projects and while the jury deliberates, we have scheduled a playful activity by Arsgames, a non-profit international organization. We will show you "Juegos del Común", a data-giveaway project that is based on the idea of data games, giving visibility to a new use of open data.

Finally, the winning group of the Barcelona Open Data Challenge First edition_2018 will be announced and the municipal authority will deliver the prize and convene the Barcelona Open Data Challenge Second edition_2019

All the class of the winning group in this contest will enjoy an experience in a data analysis company where you can discover and learn how to use data to bring science to business in order to solve real quantifiable problems. That's another challenge.

Apart from students, teachers and the jury, there will also be different people from the municipal organization and responsible for the datasets published on the Open Data BCN portal. Among the attendees we will find developers, data journalists, scientists, researchers ... all interested in this innovative initiative.

If you are an educational center that did not participate in this edition and would like to attend this event, do not hesitate to contact us. Capacity is limited and you must request prior attendance through this form.


The Barcelona Open Data Challenge is organized by:

  • Oficina Municipal de Dades
  • Institut Municipal d'Informàtica
  • Comissionat de Tecnologia i Innovació Digital
  • Institut de Cultura de Barcelona (ICUB)
  • Consorci d’Educació de Barcelona
  • Centre de Recursos Pedagògics Específics de Suport a la Innovació i la Recerca Educativa (CESIRE)